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FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 2021 7:30 pm
through JUNE 6, midnight


Equal parts passion grit, and musical ecstasy, this exciting quintet is constantly evolving. For 10 years they have kept audiences on their toes with their unlikely mix of genres and sounds. Their most recent album, Outliers, debuted at the top of the Billboard Traditional Classical Chart.

Recently dubbed "the millennial Kronos" (Theater Jones), Sybarite5 takes listeners on a musical journey of staggering breadth and depth. As Strings Magazine says, "Sybarite5 is a New York-based group of gifted young string musicians who have gained a reputation for juxtaposing the likes of Stravinsky with Radiohead, or Dvorák with Led Zeppelin. But that doesn't even begin to describe the range of their eclecticism or the depth of their repertoire."


Sybarite5 brings the art of the dance center stage for a concert of groove & dance-inspired works. The playlist ranges from Jessica Meyer’s burlesque-influenced Slow Burn and Marc Mellits’ Groove Machine to Piazzolla tangos & music from Radiohead.  Enjoy these and more! 

Listen to Sybarite5 play Piazzolla

"Sybarite5 proves chamber music can be thinking people's music which can also interest folks who appreciate progressive and passionate music." Audiophile Audition

Photo: Travis Newton, from their recording in Syracuse

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